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Welcome to Wild Hive Farm

Wild Hive Farm was founded to promote sustainable agriculture in the Hudson Valley through grain based local agriculture. Our activities include the Wild Hive Farm Community Grain Project where we stone mill Wild Hive Flours at our flour mill in Clinton Corners, NY. We use this fresh, organic flour to make Wild Hive Breads and Baked Goods. Other bakers also appreciate the freshness and flavor of our flours and use it to create their own high quality products.

To Everything There Is a Season

I am writing today for several reasons. The first is to tell you with love and regret that after Sunday the 16th of September, Wild Hive Café will close.

However, the work, and business of Wild Hive Farm and the Wild Hive Farm Community Grain Project will continue and grow.

Often people have asked how I can do all the things I do, and the simple answer is that I can’t continue at this pace and I realize that I need to focus on the roots of my mission which is to build and maintain a local grain-based food system. READ MORE