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Wild Hive Newsletter 9-13-12



We had no idea when we wrote to you about our closing last week that it would trigger such an enormous response. We’ve had so many touching emails, texts, phone calls and Facebook messages that it has been really overwhelming. Your messages have let us know that as [...]

Sad News from Wild Hive Café

To Everything There Is a Season

I am writing today for several reasons. The first is to tell you with love and regret that after Sunday the 16th of September, Wild Hive Café will close.

However, the work, and business of Wild Hive Farm and the Wild Hive Farm Community Grain Project will continue and [...]

Newsletter 9-5-12


Pasta Present and Future



Let’s talk about pasta. Lately we’ve been serving some simple pasta dishes with our own house made Fettucini and they have been a rave. With tomatoes coming to an end but still plentiful, and other fresh veggies in abundance, I thought I’d share a simple recipe for salsa fresca.

First let’s talk about [...]

Newsletter 8-29-12


We’re Now Serving Wild Hive
Pasture Raised Beef


It has been an ongoing project to diversify the products of Wild Hive Farm. I grew up on a farm that had livestock and it means a lot to me to know that our animals live healthy and happy. It’s important to understand that many of the heirloom [...]

Wild Hive Newsletter 8-23-12

Preserving Summer


The beauty lives on, and so does the flavor..


The farmer’s markets and farmstands are overflowing with summer’s bounty. Bushels of plum tomatoes,  embarrassments of cucumbers, squash, basil, and fruits.  Keeping them by for the winter is the traditional and very satisfying occupation for farmers and gardeners this time of year.


Sauces can be frozen and [...]

Wild Hive Newsletter 8-15-12

Dutchess County Fair,
A Salute to Agricultural Heritage.


Kickin’ Back at the Dutchess County Fair


Everyone who farms, gardens, bakes, or raises livestock looks forward to the County Fair. It’s a chance to show off your work, to meet your friends and customers, and learn something in the process.  Like other farmers, Wild Hive [...]

Wild Hive Newsletter 8-8-12

Bread Glorious Bread


Baguettes du Perche

At this moment, in between thunderstorms, the 2012 Wheat Harvest has begun. Unlike our less fortunate fellow farmers in the Mid-West, this has turned into a good season for us. It was touch and go for a while. It’s hard to remember that we were flirting with drought a month [...]

Wild Hive Newsletter August 1, 2012

Music! Music! Music!
Tuba Skinny Returns! Plus the Crazy Feet Pete Trio, Bob Stump & Blue Mountain, and Long Steel Rail. Play On!

We’re feeling pretty excited here at the Hive this week.  Make no mistake, we’re eager to serve you delicious food from our great local menu, and we’re thrilled to be giving you a discount [...]

Wild Hive Newsletter 7-25-12

Extra! Extra! Wild Hive Is Buzzing with News

NEW! Expanded Hours

Starting this Thursday, 26th July, 2012, Wild Hive is expanding its hours. The Café Bakery and Store will be open on Mondays and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm with a special menu to allow you to have a delicious and sustaining breakfast and lunch even if [...]

Wild Hive Newsletter 7-18-12

Summertime and the Eating Is Lazy


Cheese, Glorious Cheese!


Simple pleasures are in order this time of year.  In the UK an ad agency invented the Ploughman’s Lunch of Bread, Cheese and Pickles to sell more cheese. Immediately everyone thought it was old tradition, but it wasn’t, just a brilliant idea and a wonderful [...]